Erestar - Unlocking Your Company's Full Potential
Erestar provides services in business development, Management Consulting and Project Management. Our mission is to help organizations improve performance. Our capabilities and experience include Performance Improvement, Program and Project Management, Business Process Improvement, Business Analysis, Strategic business planning and implementation. Erestar provides a robust training practice in project management and business process improvement.
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Areas of Expertise

Global Business Process Improvements

Business Analysis & Change Management

Organizational Planning
& Development

Project Management, Implementation & Reporting

Financial Modeling
& Analysis


Project Management

Strategic Coaching & Performance Improvement

Management Consulting

We offer services in business analysis, business process improvement, re-engineering and change management to improve our client’s operations. We apply our business development process:

  1. Analyze the company, leadership, and industry potential.
  2. Identify strengths and areas of improvement.
  3. Develop a growth plan to leverage the strengths while minimizing the challenges.
  4. Implement the plan, measure results, and deliver on goals.

Our team provides consistent results in streamlining corporate operations while increasing revenues and driving performance. Our team has a proven track record in establishing best practices emphasizing increased accountability, productivity, cost reduction, resource allocation, efficiency and ROI.

Project Management

We offer project management service that focuses on more than just process. Our project managers combine strategic thinking
with excellent leadership, communication and stakeholder management skills to drive successful results. Our team is comprised of
experts in project delivery who have an in-depth understanding of client business needs.

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We offer training services including analysis of training needs, competency development and custom solutions.

  • Management and Leadership Development
  • Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification Courses.
  • Project Management processes, tools and techniques- incorporating a Project Management Methodology.
  • Design and facilitation of curricula for organizational planning and development, including mission, vision and goal setting, change management, team building and leadership development.
  • Training and coaching for work/life balance issues, stress management and soft skills development for groups and individuals.
  • Design and delivery of organizational and personal development programs via online learning environments.

Erestar offers a unique three-dimensional framework that includes Management Consulting, Project Management, Performance Coaching and Training. We partner with our clients to examine their business model and execution process. We identify solutions to improve inefficiencies and enhance communications, drive sales and expand customer relationship management strategies.

Erestar provides training in project management and business development. We provide coaching for executive and personal development. Our training and coaching is designed to empower our clients with the knowledge and skill needed to achieve their business goals.

We provide training and coaching for personal and organizational development to help our clients use tools and processes to streamline workflows. Our clients are advised on the importance of continuous monitoring of performance and measuring of key improvement indicators. EreStar leverages its analytical competencies for performing thorough benefit cost analysis, budget and financial analysis, cost estimation, earned valued management, performance management and Six Sigma related statistical disciplines.