Professional Talent Management

pmsBecoming a Professional Super Star

In every walk of life, we have mentors. Carly Fiorina is one of the many business women we admire. She took Hewlett-Packard to new heights as their CEO by leading the successful acquisition of their arch rival computer company – Compaq.

But her career began with very humble beginnings just as many other women’s careers had started. Carly’s journey to stardom began in 1980 in 1980 at AT&T as a management trainee.  As her career blossomed, her inspirations for greater success drover her to reaching new heights when she eventually became a senior vice president overseeing AT&T’s hardware and systems division.

That success and gain in project management skills is what eventually led her to HP where she made history. There was life after HP and Carly went onto a short career in politics and became an accomplished author, “Tough Choices,” – a book that chronicled her memoirs of her struggles as a woman CEO and how she reached for the stars to achieve her goals in life.

Meg Whitman, formerly of ebay is another woman executive super star. Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey and the list goes on and on.

What are the common universal threads that tie these women together with success?

They all had a dream. Their aspirations all began with a universal spark to become better project managers. Once they learned how to manage projects, they were given more responsibility and so it follows you climb up the ladder of success. One rung, one accomplishment at a time.  Super Stars are born, never created. The right mix of universal ingredients has to come together to create them. And these women all used the same formulas to launch their careers to the stars.

This is the basic idea behind EreStar and your ticket to an exciting career that’s as limitless as the stars.